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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lorica Prayers

 So back in July of 2011 I had talked about the Deer's Cry, an Irish prayer that is part of St. Patrick's Lorica. Lorica is a Latin word for a soldier's leather breastplate or corslet; in Christian tradition it was a prayer said for protection every day. I very much like the idea of this type of prayer and think that it adapts well to pagan use. I also think that it can help enrich and deepen our spiritual practice to have daily prayers we say to connect to things beyond ourselves and maintain the reciprical relationship we have with the Spirits around us. I believe the Lorica prayer - perhaps we could call it cathéide in Irish, which means armor - is a great thing to include in these daily prayers. In my own personal version I have blended the idea somewhat with the ideas seen in the Song of Amergin of relating to the many different parts of creation. Being that it is so personal I'm not comfortable posting my daily prayer here, but I will post another Lorica prayer I wrote. Perhaps it will be useful for others, or serve as inspiration for you to write your own.
A Modern Irish Pagan's Lorica

"I arise today in joy
Through the strenth of the sea,
Stability of the strong earth,
Endlessness of the eternal sky.
I bind to myself 
The endurance of my ancestors,
The eloquence of the poets,
The truth of the ancient Druids.
I bind to myself
The speed of the hawk
The courage of the deer
The wisdom of the salmon.
I bind to myself
The inspiration of the Gods
The mystery of the Otherworld
The illumination of Spirit
I summon today all these powers
between me and any dangers
Every day that I recite this prayer
I am protected from harm
In the names of my gods
and by sea, earth, and sky"

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