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Friday, March 16, 2012

Shamrock Charms

Most people are aware that shamrocks, espcially those with more than three leaves, are considered good luck. In the Carmina Gadelica volume 2 we find two charms that can be recited if a person happens to find such a shamrock in order to ensure good luck and blessing for the person who possesses the plant. From page 106 of volume two of the Carmina Gadelica  “some people say that the lucky shamrock has four leaves, other say five, but all agree it must be found by chance not sought out intentionally. Once found it is preserved as a peerless talisman.” The following charms are exerpted from my book By Land, Sea, and Sky and are modern, pagan adaptations of the original charms from the Camrina Gadelica.

Lucky Shamrock Charm 170
 “Shamrock of good omens,
Beneath the bank growing
On which stood the gracious Lugh,
    the many-skilled God.
The seven joys are,
Without evil traces,
On you, peerless one
Of the sunbeams--
    Joy of health,
    Joy of friends,
    Joy of cattle,
    Joy of sheep,
    Joy of sons, and
    Daughters fair,
    Joy of peace,
    Joy of the Gods!
The four leaves of the straight stem,       (alternately five)
Of the straight stem from the root of the hundred rootlets,
You shamrock of promise,
you are bounty and blessing at all times.”

Shamrock of Power Charm 171

"Shamrock of foliage,
Shamrock of power,
Shamrock of foliage,
Which Airmed found under the bank,
Shamrock of my love,
Of most beautiful hue,
I would choose you in death,
To grow on my grave,
    I would choose you in death,
    To grow on my grave."

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