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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Healing Charm

            I really like using healing charms. Although any medical issue should always be treated professionally I think that along side medical interventions the use of healing charms can improve the outcome and give the person being treated a feeling empowerment. I happen to believe healing charms are effective because they work magically, but even if I am wrong they certainly can be effective psychologically. I've used this particular charm before for cancer patients with success, and so have chosen to include it here - it can also be used for any illness, from the flu to swelling or inflammation.  This one is a heavily rewritten version of a Pow-wow chant; I would recommend the book Pow-wows, or Long Lost Friend for more on this school of folk magic.
            The charm should be chanted while holding your hands over the afflicted area, or a picture of the person. I highly recommend doing this charm on a set regular basis, for example three times a day for a series of nine or 27 days, or a full cycle of the moon. In order for the charm to be effective it must be done often and consistently.
         The imagery of this charm is based on the Irish concept of the ninth wave; to be beyond the ninth wave is to be exiled and sometimes to be beyond this world altogether. The beginning of the chant calls the person being healed back from this liminal place, back into themselves, their power, their strength, and back into this world. The second part of the chant is directed at drawing the illness out of the person and placing it in the earth.

A Charm to Reduce and Heal Tumors

 Nine waves upon the ocean
The nine become eight,
The eight become seven
The seven become six,
The six become five,
The five become four,
The four become three,
The three become two,
The two become one,
One becomes none;
Out from the marrow into the blood,
Out from the blood into the flesh,
Out from the flesh into the skin,
Out from the skin into the hair,
Out from the hair to the healing earth.

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