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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prayers to Macha

 A prayer I wrote to Macha, for strength in difficult times, when I was struggling to stay strong as a parent caring for a chronically ill child:

"Macha, warrior, queen, goddess, 
you were a mother too,
help me now to be strong
you ran against horses 
while laboring and won;
let me find the strenth to 
endure my own race
Macha, help me be strong
Give me the courage
to keep running"

An invocation of Macha:

"I call to you, Red-haired Queen,
Lady of sovereignty
I call to you, Woman of the Sidhe,
Who runs swifter than any horse
I call to you, Battle Goddess,
Who gathers heads as trophies,
Fertile plain, racing mare, battle crow,
Macha, be with me now."

A prayer to Macha:

"Macha, Druidess of the Tuatha de Danann,

Skilled in magic, great in power, full in knowledge,
Guide my feet on my path, as I honor the old wisdom
Guide my hands in offering, as I honor the old Gods
Guide my heart in strength, as I honor the old ways."

1 comment:

  1. Powerful words. Thank you for sharing them with us.