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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Augury Charm

Divination was a widespread and complex process among the Gaelic Celts. The Carmina Gadelica mentions several augury and divination charms which can give us insight into some of these practices and methods. In the first example we see a very specific set of actions and timing that must be undertaken to induce a vision, along with the recitation of the charm itself.
From the Carmina Gadelica page 159 “This divination was made to ascertain the position and condition of the absent and the lost, and was applied to man and beast. The augury was made on the first Monday of the quarter and immediately before sunrise. The augurer, fasting, and with bare feet, bare head, and closed eyes, went to the doorstep and placed a hand on each jamb. Mentally beseeching the God of the unseen to show him his quest and to grant him his augury, the augurer opened his eyes and looked steadfastly straight in front of him. From the nature and position of the objects within his sight, he drew his conclusions.”

Augury Charm 194

Gods over me, Gods under me,
Gods before me, Gods behind me,
I am on your  path, O Gods of life,
     and you are in my steps.
The augury Mórríghan made at the battles end,
The offering made of Brighid
 through her palm,
Did the spirit
s witness it?--
     The spirits did witness it.
The augury made by Mórríghan about her people,
When the battle ended peace was made,
Knowledge of truth
, not knowledge of falsehood,
     That I shall truly see all my quest.

Kindly spirits and Gods of life,
May you give me eyes to see all I seek,
With sight that shall never fail, before me,
     That shall never quench nor dim.

 - excerpted from By Land, Sea, and Sky

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