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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Swan Omen Charm

This omen deals with swans, birds that are seen as omens of very good luck, and who are also not what they seem but may be Otherworldly beings. The charm is interesting in that it also mentions specific timing not only in the day of the week but also of the day itself. Based on this and similar mentions in previous omen charms it seems clear that dawn was seen as a time that was particularly good for divination.

Omen of the Swans 205

I heard the sweet voice of the swans,
At the parting of night and day,
Calling on the wings of travel
     Pouring forth their strength on high.
I quickly stood still, I made no move,
And looked to see their flight.
Who was guiding in front?
     The queen of luck, the white swan

Should you see a swan on Friday,
In the joyous morning dawn
There shall be increase for your means and your kin,
     And your flocks shall be always flourishing.

 Excerpt from By Land, Sea, and Sky

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