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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prayers to Badb

Invocation to Badb
Badb, daughter of Ernmas
Hooded Crow of Battle
Sister of Macha and the Morrigan
I call to you
Wife of Net, God of Warfare
Bringer of Madness
Washer at the Ford
I call to you
Badb of the Tuatha De Danann
I call to you

Prayer to Badb for Answers
Badb, who sees what has not yet come to pass
Who spoke the great prophecy when the battle
Between the Tuatha De and the Fomorans ended
Who spoke of both great peace and an end to all
Help me now to see what I need to see
To find the answer to the question I have
Open the way for me to recieve my answer

Prayer to Badb before Prophecying
Badb Goddess of prophecy
May I see the past and the future
May I know the Truth of what is
May I find what I seek, and speak it
Badb, open the way for me
To see, to know, to speak
To prophecy of what was and
What is, and what will be
Badb, Goddess of prophecy
May it be so

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