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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prayers to Nuada Airgetlam

Prayer to be a Wise Leader
Nuada of the Silver Hand
Twice-King of the Tuatha De
Help me find the wisdom
To be a wise leader in my life
May I see the greater pattern
May I know the greater good
May I act decisively and well
Help me to see when to lead
And when to follow
Nuada, Guide me in wisdom

Prayer for Resilience
Nuada, who lost an arm in battle
Who bled and suffered
and returned the next day
To fight again, one-armed,
May I find the strength within
To overcome my own obstacles
May I find the strength of will
To keep fighting against all odds
May I find the strength within
To turn my pain to power

Invocation of Nuada*
I call to Nuada of the Silver Arm
King of the Tuatha De Danann
He of the Sword of Findias,
He of the hawk, hound, and salmon,
He of Slievenamon,
God of the healing waters,
God of the hidden sidhe,
God of the rushing host,
Lord of battle,
Lord of victory,
Lord of justice,
relentless, powerful, wise,
I call to Nuada Airgetlamh
King of the Tuatha De Danann

*This invocation is based on accepting the theory that Nuada is linked to Nodens as well as Nechtan

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  1. I like these! I may try using some of them. Thanks!