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Friday, August 16, 2013

Healing Prayers and Charms

 I do a great deal of healing work and as part of my month of prayers I want to include a variety of healing prayers and charms. I hope you all find these useful, or at least interesting.
This one's traditional but very useful as it is: 
 The second Merserburg Charm:
  "Phol and Wodan were riding to the woods,
and the foot of Balder's foal was sprained
So Sinthgunt, Sunna's sister, conjured it.
and Frija, Volla's sister, conjured it.
and Wodan conjured it, as well he could:
Like bone-sprain, so blood-sprain,
so joint-sprain:
Bone to bone, blood to blood,
joints to joints, so may they be glued" (Fortson, 2004)

These next two are modified from traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-wow charms:
To Stop Bleeding

Hold a ritual knife over the bleeding area while repeating:
"Three ladies came from a southern land
each with a bloody knife in her hand
Stand blood stand, by the mighty Gods, stand.
Bloody wound, in the Gods name mend!"

Trace the shape of a Thor's Hammer over the wound after each repetition.  Repeat for a total of three times.

To Cure a Headache

Rub your thumbs downward from the hairline towards the sinuses three times and say:
"Tame the flesh and bone like
Wodan made the world, and he
will help you, this I tell you
[name] for your wyrd's sake"
 Wait three minutes and repeat, a total of 9 times so that the action is done 27 times and the words spoken 9 times all together.

The following charms are modified from the Carmina Gadelica:

Charm for Dental Issues

            This is a modified charm for a toothache. Originally the Carmina Gadelica version involves using water from a specific holy well with specific actions. I would  bless some water, then chant this over the water, hold up a cup of the water, repeat the chant, take a mouthful of water, swish and spit, then repeat the chant a third time.

Charm for a Toothache 126

The incantation put by Brighid
Before the Mother of the Gods
On sea
, on ocean, on coast.
For painful aching teeth.
The pain that tortured me,
In these teeth in my head,
Agony hard with my teeth,
This agony distressing me.
I put this pain far from me;
As long as I myself shall last
May my teeth last in my head.
(Daimler, 2010)

Charms for Sprains and Broken Bones

     These could be used for sprains, broken bones, or lacerations. In addition to any necessary medical care, hold your hands over the afflicted area and chant the healing charm. For slow healing injuries I would recommend repeating the charm on a daily basis until the injury is totally healed.

Charm of the Sprain 130

Brighid went out
Early in the morning,
With a pair of horses;
One sprained his leg,
With much suffering
And separation,
She put bone to bone,
She put flesh to flesh,
She put sinew to sinew,
She put vein to vein;
As she healed that
May I heal this.
(Daimler, 2010)

Charm for a Sprain 131

High King Nuada lost an arm,
Sprained is this limb before me;
Nuada became whole once more,
May this limb also be whole.

As that was made whole
May this become whole,
As I will it to be so now,
Through the sovereignty of Nuada,
And three healing gods
 of the Aos Sidhe.
By High King Nuada,
Dian Cecht
, Airmed and Miach
(Daimler, 2010)

Daimler, M., (2010) By Land, Sea, and Sky
Fortson, B., (2004).  Indo-European language and culture: an introduction

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