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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prayers for Inspiration

I thought I'd move into my month of blog prayers by posting some prayers for inspiration.

The opening prayer uses the Old Irish word “Imbas” which means inspiration, specifically divine poetic inspiration, and is an important feature of the Druidic practice of filidecht. Filidecht is both sacred poetry and prophecy, and Imbas is something that anyone is able to connect to.

Imbas with me 2

Imbas with me lying down,
Imbas with me rising up,
Imbas with me in each ray of light,
I am a ray of joy with such inspiration,
    I am a ray of joy with such inspiration.
 Imbas with me sleeping,
 Imbas with me waking,
Imbas with me watching,
Every day and night,
     Each day and night.
Gods with me protecting,
Imbas with me directing,
Imbas with me strengthening,
Forever and for evermore,
     Ever and evermore

 - excerpt from By Land, Sea, and Sky

Prayer to Brighid

Blessed Brighid, Goddess of poets
who bears the flame of imbas
grant me your inspiration
that I may speak* with Truth
That I may speak* with clarity
that I may speak* with power
May you grant me vision
and the skill to manifest it
Blessed Brighid, may it be so

*or write, draw, etc., 

Prayer to Odin for Writing

Grant me, 
winner of Odrerir,
the poet's power
Let words be my weapons,
sharp, strong, and well aimed,
May my meaning be clear
May my message be persuasive,
May my methods be enchanting,
Odin, grant me inspiration

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