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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Prayers to/for the Faeries

 Prayer to Honor House Fairies

"I offer this to the spirits of my home,
Spirits of place, I honor you
Spirits of peace, be welcome
May there be friendship between us"

Prayer to the Daoine Sidhe

"Ancient Ones of the Otherworld
Wise People of skill and power
I offer this to you as a sign of goodwill
Honey and cream, sweetness and life,
May there be peace and friendship 
always between myself and the daoine sidhe"

This next one is modified from Lacnunga CXXXIV-CXXXV and is meant to be used to cure elf shot, the sudden cramp, pain, or illness believed to be caused by an invisible fairy arrow.

For Elf-Shot, or any Sudden Stitch

Mix Feverfew,  nettle that grows into a house, and Plantain; boil in butter. Spread over the afflicted area and say:
"Loud were they, loud, loud, when they rode over the mound,
they were fierce when they rode over the land.
Shield yourself now that you may escape this evil.
Out, little spear, if you are here!
Stood under linden, under a light shield,
where the mighty women readied their power,
and screaming they sent spears.
I will send back to them another,
a flying dart against them in return.
Out, little spear, if you are here!
A smith sat,  he forged a knife,
little iron; strong wound.
Out, little spear, if you are here!
Six smiths sat,  they made war spears.
Out, spear, not in, spear!
If a bit of iron is here,
witch's work, it shall melt.
If you were shot in the skin, or were shot in flesh,
or were shot in the blood, or were shot in bone,
or were shot in a limb, may your life never be torn apart.
If it were dwarves' shot, or it were elves' shot,
or it were witchs shot, now I will help you.
This your remedy for dwarves' shot, this your remedy for elves' shot;
This your remedy for witch's shot; I will help you.
It fled there into the mountains. . . . no rest did it have.
Be whole now! Gods help you!"

This final one is modified from the Carmina Gadelica:

Bless, O gods 10

Bless, O generous gods,
Myself and everything near me,
Bless me in all my actions,
May I be safe for ever,
     May I be safe for ever.
From every brownie and bansidhe,
From every evil wish and sorrow,
From every nymph and water-wraith,
From every fairy
-mouse and grass-mouse,
     From every fairy-mouse and grass-mouse.

From every troll among the hills,
From every siren
 hard pressing me,
From every ghoul
 within the glens,
Oh! save me till the end of my days.
     Oh! save me till the end of my days.

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