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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Traveling Prayers

Prayer for Travel

Wodan, wandering God
May my way be clear before me
Donar, God of might and main
May your hammer ward my way
Zui, great God and guiding star,
May I travel timely along my way
Safely I go forth,
Saefly I shall return
By my will, it is so

Hiking Prayer

Spirits of the land
I will walk gently here
Spirits of the stones
I will step lightly here
Spirits of the plants
I will tread softly here
Spirits of the trees
I will be peaceful here
Spirit of the animals
I will speak softly here
Spirit of the earth
I will respect you here

Travel Protection Prayer

I am protected from sky to ground,
From sunrise to sunrise
Above, below, and all around,
As I travel out and return
Safe from all harm and ill will
Safe from all mischance and ill luck
From the moment I set out until
The moment I happily return
By sea, earth, and sky
It is so

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