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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blessing charm - For Soldiers

This is another charm that's been re-worked from the Carmina Gadelica. I'm including the original at the bottom* so you can see the changes that have been made. This one can be used for many things but I have previously used it for a military friend when he was being deployed overseas as it is particularly suited for soldiers. It would, however, work just as well in other less martial situations.

Blessing charm
I place a blessing of protection on you,
            blessing from death,  blessing from wound,
            blessing from breast to knee,
            blessing from knee to foot,
            blessing of the three blessings,
            blessing of the five blessings,
            blessing of the seven blessings,
            From the crown of your head
            To the soles of your feet.
            blessing of the seven blessings, one,
            blessing of the seven blessings, two,
            blessing of the seven blessings, three,
            blessing of the seven  blessings, four,
            blessing of the seven  blessings, five,
            blessing of the seven  blessings, six,
            blessing of the seven  blessings, seven
                 On you now.
            From the edge of your brow,
            To your colored soles,
            To preserve you from behind,
            To sustain you in front.
A helmet of protection from the ancestors is on your head,
A gorget of the spirits of the land is around your throat,
A breastplate of the Gods is covering your heart,
To shield you in any battle and combat with your enemies.
If pursued from behind your back,
The power of the Morrigan be close to shield you,
East or west, west or east,
North or south, south or north.

*The original charm is supposed to be one that Mary put on her son.
Sain 137
THE sain put by Mary on her Son,
           sain from death, sain from wound,
            Sain from breast to knee,
            Sain from knee to foot,
            Sain of the three sains,
            Sain of the five sains,
            Sain of the seven sains,
            From the crown of thy head
            To the soles of thy feet.
            Sain of the seven paters, one,
            Sain of the seven paters, two,
            Sain of the seven paters, three,
            Sain of the seven paters, four,
            Sain of the seven paters, five,
            Sain of the seven paters, six,
            Sain of the seven paters, seven
                 Upon thee now.
            From the edge of thy brow,
            To thy coloured soles,
            To preserve thee from behind,
            To sustain thee in front.
Be the helmet of salvation about thine head,
Be the corslet of the covenant about thy throat,
Be the breastplate of the priest upon thy breast,
To shield thee in the battle and combat of thine enemies.
If pursued, oh youth, from behind thy back,
The power of the Virgin be close to succour thee,
East or west, west or east,
North or south, south or north.

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