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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Invocations part 1

I'll be honest with you all; when I invoke* deities in ritual or devotional offerings I almost always use extemporaneous invocations. However I've been told that invocations are challenging for many people, so I thought I'd offer a selection of different ones here for a variety of the deities I honor. You'll see pretty quickly the basic pattern I tend to use, and my approach to invocations. I'll include a half dozen here and more next time. Feel free to leave a request for a specific deity in the comments if you'd like to see an invocation for one.

Invocation to Macha
Great Goddess, Mighty Macha,
Clearer of plains
Speaker of prophecy
Lady of the Holy People
I call to you
Warrior and Druidess
Wielder of fierce magic
Queen of the Tuatha De
I call to you
Sun of womanhood
Swifter than steeds
Lady of the Sidhe
I call to you
 (each verse above could be used as a stand alone with the first line if preferred)

Invocation of Nuada
Nuada of the Silver Arm
High King of the People of Skill
Bearer of the Shining Sword
Who did not turn from battle
Nuada, I call to you

Invocation to an Morrigan
Queen of battle,
Queen of war
Shape-shifting woman
Raven, wolf, and heifer
Bathing in bloodshed
Offering life or death
Obscurity or glory
Strong shield and
sharp spear point
I call to you

Invocation to Badb
Scald-crow who cries over
the seething battlefield
Who dances on sword points
and washes the clothes of
those doomed to die
Speaker of prophecy
Badb, I call to you

Invocation to Airmed
Healing Goddess
Lady of curing herbs
Gentle Goddess
Lady of the spreading cloak
Wise Goddess
Lady of health and wholeness
One of the three healing Gods
I call to you Airmed

Invocation to Flidais
Flidais, mother to many children
satisfier of the insatiable lover
An abundance of milk
flows out from your herds
Deer and cattle at your hand
Flidais of the soft hair
I call to you

*invoke: 1a :  to petition for help or support
:  to call forth by incantation

1 comment:

  1. Invocations have always bothered me. I have altered all my work into invitations so as not to be demanding the presence of the various beings.

    What you have written here are like fancy "Hey You!!" versus a "Come Here"

    I like it.