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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Translation: Fáed Fíada/The Deer's Cry

Today I wanted to tackle my own translation of an excerpt of an Fáed Fíada (the Deer's Cry), which is itself a portion of the Lorica of Saint Patrick. The Fáed Fíada portion is said to be much older and reflect a pagan prayer, and quite frankly I've always liked and have based one of my own daily prayers on the style of it. 

"Atomriug indiu 
niurt nime, 
soilsi gréne, 
étrochtai éscai, 
áni thened, 
déni lóchet, 
luaithi gaíthe, 
fudomnai mara, 
tairismigi thalman, 
cobsaidi ailech."*

I bind today
strength of sky
light of sun
radiance of moon
brightness of flame
swiftness of light
speed of wind
depth of ocean
steadfastness of earth
firmness of rock.

*Old Irish found here

Copyright Morgan Daimler


  1. I like "I bind", obviously, but isn't the conventional interpretation at-reig "I arise"?

    1. (Again, though, I really like ad-rig/atomrai.)

  2. I went back and forth between at-reig and ad-rig - the eDIL offers both as possible choices for atomriug: ad-rig (*ad-reg-,) Perh. also: atomriug and at-reig Indic. pres. 1 s. atomriug ...(perh. rather to be referred to ad-rig)
    I finally decided in context that "I bind" made as much sense as "I arise" and I liked the flow in English better

    1. The more I think about it, the more I like it. With the conventional translation, one must assume an unsaid "by/through/with the assistance of", where the "I bind" interpretation just fits directly.

  3. I use a version of this when I get out of bed each morning, too :-)