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Friday, April 15, 2016

Cétnad nAíse ~ Poem of Restoration

Doing this one a bit differently - going to alternate the lines instead of doing separate text.
I hope you enjoy it. 

Cétnad nAíse ~ Poem of Restoration

Ad-muiniur secht n-ingena trethan 

I invoke the seven daughters of the stormy sea
dolbtae snáithi macc n-áesmar. 
shaping life's thread from boyhood to age
Tri bás flaimm ro-ucaiter, 
Three deaths be taken from me
tri áes dom do-rataiter
Three ages be given to me
secht tonna tocaid dom do-ra-dáilter! 
Seven waves of good fortune dispense to me!
Ním chollet messe fom chúairt 
No harm to me on my circuit
i llúrig lasréin cen léiniud! 
in flashing corslet without hindering!
Ní nassar mo chlú ar chel! 
Not light is my reputation before heaven!
To me these ages
nim thi bás comba sen!
May I not die until old age
Ad-muiniur m’Argetnia 
I invoke my Silver warrior
nád bá nád bebe; 
who did not die and will not die
amser dom do-r-indnastar 
Deliver to me time
findruini febe!
of excellent electrum*!
Ro orthar mo richt,
Chanting my form,
ro saerthar mo recht
Ennobling my authority,
ro mórthar mo nert
Magnified my strength,
nip ellam mo lecht
Not readied my grave,
nim thí bás for fecht, 
May I not die on a journey,
ro firthar mo thecht! 
My death fulfilled!
Ním ragba nathair díchonn, 
May a foolish serpent not overtake me,
ná dorb dúrglass, 
Nor a hard-green worm,
ná doel díchuinn! 
Nor a senseless beetle!
Ním millither téol, 
May no theft destroy me
ná cuire ban, 
Nor host of women
ná cuire buiden! 
Nor host of warriors!
Dom-i urchar n-aimsire 
To me extensions of time
ó Rig inna n-uile!
From the King of everything!
Ad-muiniur Senach sechtaimserach 
I invoke Senach of seven-durations
con-altatar mná side
Who was reared by Fairy women
far bruinnib bdais
on their breasts.
Ní báitter mo shechtchaindel! 
May my seven lights not be submerged!
Am dun díthagail, 
I am an indestructable fort,
am all anscuichthe, 
I am an immovable foundation,
am ha lógmar
I am that treasure
am sen sechtmainech
I am seven-times-valuable compensation
Roba chétach 
May I be possessing a hundred
hundred years
cach cét diib ar úair.
Every hundred from each hour.
Cota-gaur cucum mo lessa;
I sue towards me my advantage
ro bé rath in Spiurta Noíb formsa.
May the grace of the Holy Spirit be on me
Domini est salus.
The Lord is salvation
Christis est salus.
Christ is salvation
Super populum tuum, Domine, benedictio tua.
On your people, Lord, your blessing

 *electrum is a metal alloy of gold and silver


  1. If I recall correctly, this is the poem where, if you count up the syllables, taking out the Christian lines, it comes to exactly 100 - matching the title as "the meter of a hundred". That seems to indicate that it is an antique poem given a veneer of Christianity. At least, I think that it's this one, but in any case I have been told that there is one out there.

    1. Never mind, it's not this one.

    2. I wouldn't have been surprised if it was. Cétnad is a form of poetic composition of course but it's easy to see the 'hundred' in the word

  2. Thanks very much, I love the line by line translation form!

    Started Googling poem for my "Project Timelord" after reading this: