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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Translation: the Klostrneuburg Incantation

1. Cris finnáin dumimdegail imum imacuáirt.
nar amtairthea innsét timcellas intuáith
2. Raucthi láin induleán mubrond.
lurech dé dumimdegail otamind gombond.
3. Cris fimieain muchris argalar arches
aruptaib banm*beth (+) afraech adamles.
4. Cris eoin muchris ralég súidi n*glan.
daid ferga fer soid upta m*ban.
5. Cris nathrach muchris nathair imátá
náramgonat fir naramillet mná.
6. durennaib romóra fomóir imátá
7. Fobrut muridam fosarabi inrí.
fotrochlanib fochochlan mubí.
8. Mucholmoc ramcharastar arfégad arfis.
isairai ramcharastar uair istend mochris.

Re-written with words separated out:
1. Cris finnáin dum im degail imum imacuáirt.
nar amtairthea inn sét timcellas in tuáith
2. Rauc thi láin indu leán mu brond.
lurech dé dum im degail ota mind go mbond.
3. Cris fi mi eain mu chris ar galar ar ches
a ruptaib ban mbeth ocus a fraech a damles.
4. Cris eoin mu chris ralég súidi nglan.
daid ferga fer soid upta mban.
5. Cris nathrach mu chris nathair im átá
náramgonat fir naramillet mná.
6. durennaib romóra fomóir im átá
7. Fo brut muri dam fo sara bi in rí.
fotrochlanib fo chochlan mu bí.
8. Mu cholmoc ram charastar ar fégad ar fis.
isa irai ramcharastar uair istend mo chris.


Protection of Finnan's belt around me encircling
I shall not be seized on the road going around the country
Completely encirlces my defenseless belly

God's corslet to me protection around me from head to foot
Belt of my poisonous birds, my belt for sickness, for debility
From slaying of fair life and from fury, from loss
A bird belt, my belt exactly placed it is 
For wrathful men, defeats magic of women
Serpent belt, my belt of snakes it is around me

It wounds men, it destroys women.
Fortitude of the great Fomorians is around me
Beneath an abundant cloak, for me an excellent surety fit for a king

Released beneath my little hood my face
My Colmoc has love for me, because of seeing it, knowing it
It is instigating this loving because of the strength of my belt

Old Irish from

Source there listed as -
Ebel, Hermann. Grammatica Celtica. ed. Johann Kaspar. Berlin, 1871.

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