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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Doom of Otherworldly Love - a Poem

I know you have loved me
since before I was worth loving
A shadow in dreams, a glimpse
of a fair form in daylight.
You who are part of a world
not my own, yet somehow
belong to me as much as I
belong to you, inexplicably.
A constant presence in my life
A guardian, a guide, a lover,
Never more than a thought away.
Perhaps my heart was always
yours before it was even my own
And so I will send my heart to you
as a ghostly owl in the day
when I am walking the earth
and you are in your Otherworldly
hall far from mortal things.
And by night when my body
lies at rest, my spirit will join
my heart, united with you.
I fear that sending pieces of
myself to you thus has doomed
me in this mortal world, yet
love dooms us all in the end
because I cannot wish it otherwise.
 - M. Daimler copyright 2016

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