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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dreanacht - Wren Augury

The second part of the text on raven and wren augury. Original text followed by my translation.

Mad congaire an ceanandan duit anair turus daine craibtheach cucad co n-agairbe fort. Madh anairdes gaires an drean druith uallcha doroith. Mad aniar esurraidh dobi cucaib. Mad anairtuaidh goires aes lasa mbi cele fesa no mna tic and. Mad atuaidh is inmuin leat anti tic and. Mad aniartuaidh tic aes craibthech tic and. Mad od leith anneas gairesacht minab edrud ocus grian turus inmuin tic cucaib. Mad edrut ocus grian guin duine dil duit no adharc fort budéin. Mad ad cluais cli comrac fri hóg ua cein no fess la mnai óic. Mad ad deaghaidh gaires guidhi do mna d’fer ele dod chind. Mad for talmain tis ad deaghaid berthar do ben uaid ar eigin. Mad anair gaires an drean aes dana do thiachtain cuccad no scela uathaibh. Mad andes id diaigh gaires taisigh clerech maith nodcífi no tasc athlaoch uasul adcluinfe. Mad aniardhes gaires ladraind ocus drochbachlaigh ocus drochmhna do thiachtuin cucad. Mad aniar drochdhaine gail tic ann. Mad aniartuaidh gaires deghlaoch sochenelach ocus brugadha uaisle ocus mná maithi dothic ann. Mad atuaigh gaires drochdaine tic ann, gidhad oig gidhad clerigh cidad drochmna ocus aos ochaid aingidh do rochtain. Mad andes gaires galur no coin allta for do chethruib. Mad do thalmain no do chloich no do chrois gaires tasc duine moir indisis duit. Mad do chrosuib imda gaires ar daine sin ocus in lin fechtus teid forsin talmain is ed in lin marb dlomus, ocus an leth forsa mbi a aghaid is as dlomus na mairb.

Best, R.I. (1916) "Prognostications from the Raven and the Wren," Ériu

Wren augury
If the little fair headed one calls to you from the east
 people of devotion journey to you with severity on you. If southeast the wren calls false-bearded fools will arrive. If from the southwest, landless men are coming to you. If from the northeast it calls people with entertainment for the night or women are coming there. If from the north one who is beloved to you is he that is coming there. If from the northwest people of devotion are coming there. If it sings from the south side, it calls, although not between you and the sun, a beloved on a journey is coming to you. If it is between you and the sun wounding of a person dear to you or destruction on you yourself. If near the left ear yourself contesting against a young man or sleeping with a young woman. If near the back of you it calls an invitation by your woman to another man following you. If on the ground below near your back your wife will be taken from you indeed. If from the east the wren calls poets are coming to you or news from them. If from the south behind you it calls good, concealed clergy you will see or you will hear death-news of a noble ex-layman. If it calls from the southwest thieves and bad servants and bad women are coming to you. If from the west bad warlike people are coming there. If it calls from the northwest a good warrior from a noble family and noble hospitallers and good women are coming there. If from the north it calls bad people are coming there, or young warriors or clerics or bad women and cruel inciting people will be arriving. If it calls from the south illness or wild wolves on your herds. If from the ground or from a stone or from  cross it calls death news of great people it announces to you. If from many crosses it calls it is a slaughter of men and the full number it journeys between there and the earth is the full count of the dead it proclaims, and they will be from the side on which it faces as it proclaims the dead.

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