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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two Short Translations

"Is Acher in Gáith Innocht"

Is acher in gaíth innocht,
fu-fúasna fairgge findfolt:
ní ágor réimm mora minn
dond láechraid lainn ó Lothlainn

Fierce is the wind tonight
Agitating the ocean's white hair;
I do not fear advancing across the sea
Eager dark warriors of Norway

Quatrains on Festivals

Atberim frib, lith saine,
ada buada belltaine:
coirm, mecoin, suabais serig,
ocus urgruth do tenid.

Lugnassad, luaid a hada
cecha bliadna ceinmara,
fromad cech toraid co m-blaid,
biad lusraid la Lugnasaid.

Carna, cuirm, cnoimes, cadla,
it e ada na samna,
tendal ar cnuc co n-grinde,
blathach, brechtan urimme.

Fromad cach bíd iar n-urd,
issed dlegair i n-Imbulc,
díunnach laime is coissi is cinn,
is amlaid sin atberim.

I tell to you, an excellent festival,
suitably pre-eminent is Bealtaine:
ale-feasts, edible roots, gentle bitters,
and new curds for a fire.

Lúnasa, suitably it moves
each year along,
tasting every fruit of harvesting,
food herbs with Lúnasa.

Meat, beer, nuts, tripe,
they are suitable food for Samhain,
bonfire on a hill with a company,
buttermilk, a roll of new butter.

Tasting each food for freshness,
this is the principle at Imbolc,
cleansing hands and feet and head,
Thus I say to you.

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