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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celtic Healing Magic - part 1

(this is the handout for my class from Changing Times, Changing Worlds 2011 on healing magic in the Celtic tradition, with the emphasis on folk magic. In the next blog I will post the outline and shortened version of the class itself - and I feel that I should add that all classes from CTCW 2011 will be available in the next few weeks on CD, you can check the website for details)

From Irish Cures and Superstitions by Lady Wilde:
  To Cure a Fever: “Place the patient on the sandy shore when the tide is coming in, and the retreating waves will carry away the disease.”
  (In modern practice you could visualize this or create a chant using this imagery.)
For Hip Disease: Take three green stones, gathered from a running brook, between midnight and morning while no word is said. In silence it must be done. Then uncover the limb and rub each stone several times closely downwards from hip to toe, saying,
          “Wear away, wear away
            There you shall not stay
            Cruel pain, away, away.”
A Very Ancient Charm Against Wounds or Poisons: (Hold your hands over the wound or affected area and chant)
             “The poison of a serpent, the venom of the dog,
               The sharpness of spear, does not do well in man.
               The blood of one dog, the blood of many dogs,
               The blood of the hound of Fliethas– these I invoke.
It is not a wart to which my spittle is applied.
I strike disease; I strike wounds.
I strike the disease of the dog that bites,
Of the thorn that wounds
Of the iron that strikes.
I invoke the three daughters of Fleithas
Against the serpent
Benediction on this body to be healed;
Benediction on the spittle;
Benediction on him who casts out disease.”

From Scottish Charms and Amulets by George Fraser Black:
 To Bless Water with a Healing Crystal: Dip the healing crystal in the water while saying,
         “Let me dip you in the water
           You beautiful gem of power
           In water of purest wave
          Which Bridget kept pure
           A blessing on the gem
          A blessing on the water and
          A healing of bodily ailments
          To each suffering creature.”              

From the Carmina Gadelica Volume 2 by Alexander Carmichael
Charm for the Rose [Mastitis] 124
THOU rose deathly, deadly, swollen,
Leave the udder of the white-footed cow,
Leave the udder of the spotted cow,
Leave, leave that swelling,
     And betake thyself to other swelling.
Thou rose thrawn, obstinate,
Surly in the udder of the cow,
Leave thou the swelling and the udder,
Flee to the bottom of the stone.
I place the rose to the stone,
I place the stone to the earth,
I place milk in the udder,
I place substance in the kidney.

Tooth Charm 126
THE incantation put by lovely Bride
Before the thumb of the Mother of God,
On lint, on wort, on hemp,
For worm, for venom, for teeth.
The worm that tortured me,
In the teeth of my head,
Hell hard by my teeth,
The teeth of hell distressing me.
  *       *       *       *
The teeth of hell close to me;
As long as I myself shall last
May my teeth last in my head.
On lint, on comb, on agony.
On sea, on ocean, on coast.
On water, on lakes, on marshes

Charm for a Sprain 130

BRIDE went out
In the morning early,
With a pair of horses;
One broke his leg,
With much ado,
That was apart,
She put bone to bone,
She put flesh to flesh,
She put sinew to sinew,
She put vein to vein;
As she healed that
May I heal this.

From By Land, Sea, and Sky by Morgan Daimler
Charm for Mastitis
    When performing these charms a sharp object such as a knife or pin should be held towards the body part, you should spit on your fingers and trace a triskele on the area while invoking land, sea, and sky. This follows a common method of folk healing where the illness or injury is threatened as if it were a sentient thing, and ordered to leave the person it is tormenting. All healing charms would be recommended in addition to traditional and alternative medical treatments for the conditions.
Charm  122See, Blessed Brighid
The breast of this mother is swollen:
May you give peace to this breast
May you subdue the swelling;

May you give peace to this breast
May you subdue the swelling.
I see it myself, Brighid,
The suffering of this mother
May you appease this breast,
May you subdue the swelling;

May you appease this breast,
May you subdue the swelling.
See, Healing Goddess
Midwife of all mothers,

May you appease this breast,
May you subdue the swelling;

May you appease this breast,
May you subdue the swelling
Brighid sees the suffering
And she does what is needed
She gives ease to the breast
And rest to the swelling;
She gives ease to the breast
And rest to the swelling
Charm for a Toothache 126
The incantation put by Brighid
Before the Mother of the Gods,
On sea, on ocean, on coast.
For painful aching teeth.
The pain that tortured me,
In these teeth in my head,
Agony hard with my teeth,
This agony distressing me.
I put this pain far from me;
As long as I myself shall last
May my teeth last in my head.
To Remove Blood from Urine 180
By the tides of the eternal sea,
by the bedrock of the firm earth,
by the ceaseless winds of sky,
So shall this be.
Great wave, red wave,
strength of sea, strength of ocean
the nine wells of Mac Lyr
to pour help on you
Put a stop to the blood,
Put a flood to the urine
Charm for Tumors

This is the only charm which does not come from the Gadelica. I've used it before for cancer patients with success, and so have chosen to include it here.  It is a heavily rewritten version of a Pow-wow chant; I would recommend the book Pow-wows, or Long Lost Friend for more on this school of folk magic.
    The charm should be chanted while holding your hands over the afflicted area, or a picture of the person. I highly recommend doing this charm on a set regular basis, for example three times a day for a series of nine or 27 days. In order for the charm to be effective it must be done often and consistently.

A Charm to Reduce and Heal Tumors
 Nine waves upon the ocean
The nine become eight,
The eight become seven,
The seven become six,
The six become five,
The five become four,
The four become three,
The three become two,
The two become one,
One becomes none;
Out from the marrow into the blood,
Out from the blood into the flesh,
Out from the flesh into the skin,
Out from the skin into the hair,
Out from the hair to the healing earth

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