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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Raven Radio

 I have been invited on Raven Radio tomorrow as a guest for part of a discussion about the similarities between Celtic and Norse recon. and practice. I'm very excited, as this is a topic that is - obviously - of great interest to me anyways. Last week the show looked at the academic and historic view on the two cultures, how they are similar and how they differ and tomorrow's show will discuss the modern beliefs and practices and how they compare.
  Anyone who is curious can listen to last week's show through the Raven Radio website and hear their take on the historic side of things. There are also some really interesting books out there, including Wells' Beyond Celts Germans and Scythians which looks at the archeological evidence of the different cultures and discusses the often arbitrary assignment of a cultural label to such finds and Gundarsson's Elves Wights and Trolls which includes some great material comparing the way that the Celts and Norse viewed land spirits and faeries.
   As for my part tomorrow, I'll be talking about general CR beliefs and practices and how they compare to the Norse ones, touching on topics like offerings, the afterlife, and holidays. I'm really looking forward to it - I think it will be both fun and enlightening.
  Anyone interested in listening to tomorrow's show check out Raven Radio's site for the time it will be on in your area, and if you miss it but would still like to listen it will be available in their archive afterwards.

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