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Saturday, January 7, 2012

the Tarot and Odin

This blog post is based on a note I wrote on Facebook, inspired by a dream a friend really ; )  It's mostly just for fun because everyone could use a little fun once in awhile.

If Odin and the major arcana of the tarot were co-ordinated, based on Odin's many bynames.

 The Fool - Vegtam, 'wanderer'
 The Magician - Runatyr, 'god of runes'
 The high Priestess - Oski, 'wish-giver'
 The Empress - Forgynn, 'earth'
 The Emporer - Havi, 'high one'
 The Heirophant - Hlosvid, 'very wise'
 The Lovers - Udr, 'beloved'
 The Chariot - Harbard, 'greybeard'
 Justice - Fengr, 'catcher'
 The Hermit - Sangetall, 'finder of truth'
 The Wheel - Grimnir, 'hooded one'
 Strength - Throttr, 'strength'
 The Hanged Man - Hangatyr, 'god of the hanged'
 Death - Valfodr, 'father of the slain'
 Temperance - Hagvirkr, 'skillful worker'
 The Devil - Bulverk, 'evil doer'
 The Tower - Hnikud, 'overthrower'
 The Star - Jormunr, 'Cosmic one'
 The Moon - Svipall, 'changing or shape-shifter'
 The Sun - Sigthror, 'successful in victory'
Judgment - Gangrad, 'adviser'
 The World - Alfathr, 'all father'

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