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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bealtaine - Blessing the Summer In

I wrote an essay about Bealtaine that is currently posted on  Excerpt:
To the pagan Celts, Bealtine (pronounced roughly Ball-tinn-eh) , often called Beltane by modern pagans, was one of the most sacred and  important holidays of the year and even up until recently the people of Ireland and Scotland practiced Beltane celebrations. Also called Bealltainn in Scotland and Bealtaine or Bealtine in Ireland, this holiday is generally celebrated on May first and might also be called May Day, although some people believe in celebrating it based on environmental signs, such as the blooming of the Hawthorn. It is uncertain what the name Beltane means; some people theorize that it translates to “fires of Bel” while others favor the meaning “blessing fires”.

Read the entire essay here:

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