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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A prayer for Imbas

This is a prayer for imbas, or, loosely, divine inspiration, taken from my book By Land, Sea, and Sky. The prayer itself was modified from  Dia Liom a Laighe 2, Carmina Gadelica volume 1, by alexander Carmichael.

Imbas With Me

Imbas with me lying down,
Imbas with me rising up,
Imbas with me in each ray of light,
I am a ray of joy with such inspiration,
I am a ray of joy with such inspiration.
Imbas with me sleeping,
Imbas with me waking,
Imbas with me watching,
Every day and night,
Each day and night.
Gods with me protecting,
Imbas with me directing,
Imbas with me strengthening,
For ever and for evermore,
Ever and evermore

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