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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Prayers to Flidais

This first prayer is one I use when making offerings, but it could easily be adapted to use as an invocation in ritual:
Prayer to Flidais Foltchaoin 

 Flidais of the soft hair
Lover, wife, and mother
whose magical herds
of hinds and kine
are rich in endless milk
who walks always
half in the wild woods
and half by the hearth
who nurtures armies
and heals the wounded
Accept this offering (alt. be with me now)

 I began to be drawn to Flidais during my third pregnancy, and particularly after my child's birth. During this period I have developed my own personal associations with her, including as a Goddess of nursing mothers. This is a prayer I wrote in that context.
A Mother's Prayer to Flidias

 mother to many children,
Flowing with milk,
 flowing with abundance,
Bless me with
 plentiful milk for my child
As you nurture those
 who depend on you
May I nurture
 my little child
Bless him (alt. her) with
 strength, health, and growth
Bless me with flowing milk
mother to fine sons
and strong daughters
 Let it be so

This third one is a prayer to find balance in a life that is often made of opposing dynamics. Flidais is especially good at this, I think, as a deity who is herself a balance of opposing energies.
A Prayer to Flidais

Goddess who claims
all animals as her cattle
who milks deer and cows
side by side
wife and lover
domestic and wild
help me to find harmony
with my life's extremes
Let me walk
in balance between
my own demands
May I see symmetry
instead of disparity
Let it be so
Gentle Flidais

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