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Friday, August 9, 2013

Prayers for Patience

Prayer for Patience

Gods above, Gods below,
Give me patience
As I come and go
As I strive and work
As I rest and play
From morning to night
All through my day

Prayer for Patience at Work

Wayland, God of smiths,
Patient during adversity,
Masterful craftsman,
Help me to find my strength
To endure my own trials.
Help me to master
My own work over time.
Wayland, God of skill,
Help me learn patience.

Prayer to the Ancestors for Patience (A Parents Prayer)

Ancient mothers and fathers
Primal parents of many children
Who have patiently nurtured
Untold generations of the past
Be with me now as I seek
To nurture a new generation
Help me find the patience
To endure a parent's trials

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