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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Bit More Translation

"Fo-ceird Cú Chuluinn bedg ina charpat feissin íarum. Naicc ní i nneoch íarum in mnaí nach in carpat nach in n-ech nach in fer nach in mbuin ocus co n-faco-sium íarum ba hén-si dub forsin chroíb ina farrud.
‘Doltach ben atat-chomnaic’, ol Cú Chuluinn.
‘Is Dollud dono bias forsinn greallaig si co bráth’, ol in ben. Grellach Dolluid íarum a hainm ó hoin ille.
‘Ochti ro-feisind bed tú ní samluid no-scarfamais’, ol Cú Chuluinn.
‘Cid donrignis’, olsí, ‘bieith olec de.’
‘Ni chumgai olc dam’, ol Cú Chuluinn.
‘Cumgaim écin’, olsin ven. ‘Is oc do ditin do báis-siu atáu-so ocus bia’, ollsí."

 Cuchulain sprang onto his own chariot after that. Then nothing was there of all of them not the woman, not the chariot, not the horse, not the man, not the cow and he saw that she was a black bird on a branch near him.
"A hurtful woman you are," said Cuchulain.
"It is Dollud then that will be the name of this bog until Judgement Day," said the woman. Bog of Distress was its name from that time afterwards.
 "If only I had known it was you," said Cuchulain, "not this way would we have parted."
 "Whatever you would have done," said she, "misfortune would result from it."
 "You cannot bring misfortune to me," said Cuchulain.
"I can indeed," said the woman; "It is at the final touch of your death I am and shall be," said she.

- Tain Bo Regamna

Copyright Morgan Daimler

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