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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Translation Tidbits 2

I'm in the middle of writing my fourth novel but I thought you all might enjoy some miscellaneous translation tidbits. These are some of my favorite short pieces from a variety of sources.

Sonus lomma is lenna lir,
buáid comairle in cech caingin,
búaid comperta, clú co mbail,
búaid creiche adiu, buáid slúagaid.
Trí lán ma chluic d'usci úar
do chur esti a n-agaid slúag,
innreth t'innse tairis sin
- Betha Colmáin maic Lúacháin

Luck of milk and plentiful beer,
Victory of counsel in every matter,
Victory of judgments, fame with good luck,
Victory raiding henceforth, victory of hosts
three full good bells of cold water
Your horse-champions towards the faces of the host
Injury to those there forth

Trí coiri bíte in cach dúini: coire érma, coire goriath, coire áiged
- Triads of Ireland

Three cauldrons are in every person: a cauldron of motion, a cauldron of warming*, a cauldron of honor
* goriath is uncertain and may also mean "piousness" giving us a cauldron of motion, a cauldron of piety, and a cauldron of honor (literally "face")

Ré secht mbliadan Nuadat narsheng
Osin chuanairt chéibfind
Flathius ind fir chichmair chuilfind
Ria tiachtain in Hérind
I Maig Thuiredh, truim co trucha,
I torchair cuing in chatha,
Do cosnamaid bán in betha -
Ro lead a lám flatha.
- Lebor Gabala Erenn, vol 4

A space of seven years noble, graceful Nuada
Over a fair-haired warrior-pack
Ruled the greatly keen, fair-tressed man
Before going to Ireland
In Maige Tuired, heavy with doom,
By chance burden in the battle
From the bright defender of life -
Hacked off was his arm of sovereignty.

Fírinde inár croidhedhaibh ocus nertt inár lámhaibh, ocus comall inár tengthaibh - Acallam na Senórach

Truth in our hearts, and strength in our arms, and fulfillment of duty in our tongues

Ní dlig ferann fer cen treoir,
ní dlig degairm fer cen gliaid,
ní dlig cerchaill cenn co mbeoil,
ní dlig feoil fer cen scíain.
- marginalia Harleian 5280

Not deserving of land is a man without action
Not deserving of armoring is a man without battle skill
Not deserving of a pillow is a greasy head
Not deserving of meat is a man without a knife

Ad·fenar fó fíu.
Ad·fenar olcc anmoínib.
Ad·fenar maith moínib.
-          Cethairshlicht Athgabálae

Good is repaid by worthiness
Bad is repaid by un-treasures
Excellence is repaid by treasures

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