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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Slánugud na Mórrigna - the Healing of the Morrigan

Slánugud na Mórrigna

And-sin tánic in Mórrígu ingen Ernmais a Sídib irricht sentainne, corrabi ic blegun bó trí sine na fiadnaisse. Is immi tanic-si (mar) sin, ar bith a forithen do Choinchulaind. Dáig ni gonad Cuchulaind nech ar a térnád, co m-beth cuit dó féin na legis
Conattech Cuchulaind blegon furri, iarna dechrad d'íttaid. Dobretha-si blegon sini dó. Rop slán aneim dam-sa so. Ba slán a lethrosc na rigna. Conattech-som blegon sini furri. Dobreth si dó. Inéim rop slán intí doridnacht. Conaittecht-som in tres n-dig ocus dobretha-si blegon sine dó. Bendacht dee & andee fort, a ingen. Batar é a n-dee in t-aés cumachta, ocus andee in t-aés trebaire. Ocus ba slán ind rígan.
 - E. Windisch, 1905

not three teated cows

The Healing of the Morrigan

Then came the Morrigan daughter of Ernmas from the Sidhe in the form of on old woman, engaged in milking a three teated cow where he'd witness her. For this she came, for the sake of a remedy from Cu Chulainn. Since any wound of Cu Chulain anyone escaped him with, for a portion of life only himself could heal.
Cu Chulainn submitted to her for the milking, iron-furious his thirst. She gave him the milking of a teat. 

"May this be health promptly for me."
The Queen's one eye was healed. He submitted to her for the milking of a teat. She gave it to him.
"Promptly may this be health to whoever gave it."
He submitted for the third portion and she gave to him the milking of a teat. 

"Blessing of Gods and not-Gods on you, oh maiden."
Their Gods are the people of power, and the not-Gods are the farmers*. And the Queen was whole.

* I just want to note that although trebaire has been understood as farmers or tillers of soil the word also means warriors and heroes. This passage "Batar é a n-dee in t-aés cumachta, ocus andee in t-aés trebaire" *could* also be read as 'their Gods are the people of [magical] power and the not-Gods are the warriors'. 

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