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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Excerpt from the Cath Maige Tuired

Cath Maige Tuired

1. Batar Tuathai De Danonn i n-indsib tuascertachaib an domuin, aig foglaim fesa ocus fithnasachta ocus druidechti ocus amaidecchtai ocus amainsechtai, combtar fortilde for suthib cerd ngenntlichtae.
2. Ceitri catrachai i rrabatar og fochlaim fhesai ocus eolais ocus diabuldanachtai .i. Falias ocus Gorias, Murias ocus Findias.
3. A Falias tucad an Lia Fail bui a Temraig. Nogesed fo cech rig nogebad Erinn.
4. A Gorias tucad ant sleg boi ac Lug. Ni gebtea cath fria no frisinti an bidh i llaimh.
5. A Findias tucad claidiub Nuadot. Ni ternadh nech dei o dobirthe asa idntiuch boduha, ocus ni gebtai fris.
6. A Murias tucad coiri an Dagdai. Ni tegedh dam dimdach uadh.
7. Cetri druid isna cetri cathrachaib-sin. Morfesae bai a Falias; Esras boi hi nGorias; Uiscias boi a Findias; Semias bai a Murias. It iad-sin na cetri filid ocar' foglaindsit Tuata De fios ocus eolas
 - E. Gray, Cath Maige Tuired, 1983

Battle of the Field of Pillars

1. The Tuatha De Danann were in the northern islands of the world, gathering occult knowledge and sorcery and druidry and witchcraft and skill in magic, until they had mastery of the produce of Heathen-magical skill.
2. Four cities had all occult knowledge and wisdom and diabolatry that is Falias and Gorias, Murias and Findias.
3. From Falias they brought the Lia Fail [stone of Fal] to reside in Temraig [Tara]. It would shriek under each king who would take Ireland.
4. From Gorias they brought the spear that was Lug's. None were able to support battle against it or against he with it in his hand.
5. From Findias they brought Nuada's sword. No one escapes when it is pulled from its fatal scabbard, and none could resist against it.
6. From Murias they brought the cauldron of the Dagda. No company went away unsatisfied hence.
7. Four druids were in those four cities. Morfesae was in Falias; Esras was in Gorias; Uiscias was in Findias; Semias was in Murias. These are the four poets from whom the Tuatha De learned knowledge and wisdom.

This passage represents the beginning of the story and the first introduction in the tale to the Tuatha De Danann, the People of the Goddess Danu. We learn that before coming to Ireland they have been in the 'northern islands of the world', in four cities which had a vast store of magical, occult knowledge. In these cities lived four men, alternately called druids and poets, who taught this great magical knowledge to the Tuatha De until they had mastered it. We also learn some valuable information about the famous four treasures of the Tuatha De, information that reinforces that from another piece the Tuath De Danand na Set soim.

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