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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Two Short Translations

Lugh scéith,
scál find,
fo nimib ni raibe
bed mac nÁine aidhlibthir
Arddu déib doen,
dron daurgráinne,
glan gablach,
aue Luric Loegaire.
Myles Dillon. "The Consecration of Irish Kings". Dublin: Celtica

Warrior's shield
fair hero,
under heaven none as bold
as the son of Aine,
higher than men,
strong sun-oak
bright branching,
grandson of Luric Leogaire

Grainne to Fionn
ut dixit Gránni ingen Cormaic fri Find.
'Fil duine
rismad buide lemm díuderc,
ara tribrinn, la dia tribrend, in m-bith ule, la m-buide,
la h-uile h-uile, cid díupert.'
- marginalia Amra Columb Chille

Spoken by Grainne daughter of Cormac to Fionn:
"There is a person
On whom I would gladly look,
 Who I would give, would give the entire world, the world, 
all of it, even if it is a fraud."

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  1. I am intrigued by Dron daurgráinne - strong sun-oak! Beautiful, strong image.