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Thursday, September 18, 2014

You May Have Fairy Blood If...

So there's a post on a major blogsite about 8 ways to tell if you may have fairy blood. The list is heavily prejudiced towards a modern (post-Victorian) view of fairies and specifically of winged flower fairies as far as I can tell. It also includes an array of characteristics that could apply to many people for many reasons, like feeling the need to lighten the mood in serious situations with humor.
   Now in the traditional lore there are stories of people who have fairy ancestry of various sorts, from the children of selkies and fisherman to those who have a human mother and aos sidhe or alfar father. But I would tend to use a very different measure, myself, when discussing whether someone might have "fairy blood". You'll quickly see a theme for my criteria....but I'll say that I'm not just getting this from folklore, and that I do believe there are more things on Heaven and earth as Shakespeare said, so...
  The following is just my own list, feel free to disregard if it doesn't appeal to you. And I know it won't to many people.

  You May Have fairy Blood If....
  1) An aversion or reaction to iron and iron alloys - its pretty traditional in most stories for the good Neighbors to have issues with iron, which is why its such a powerful protection against them. This same thing can also apply to other traditional fairy protections.
  2) A flamingly inappropriate sense of humor - laughing when other people are crying, or laughing when other people are very angry. In many stories fairies are described crying at happy occassions or laughing at funerals. The jokes they play on people are also often extreme and lean towards the macabre.
  3) An unusual charisma or ability to charm people - if we look at stories that mention people with mixed ancestry they are usually described this way
  4) A reputation for magical skill or healing - same as above
  5) An unusual physical appearance - in stories this can be exceedingly pale, fair, dark, tall, beautiful, Otherworldly or so on.
  6) Intense emotions that may be described as inflexible - again based on looking at how folklore portrays fairies, they are often described as quick to anger, quick to love, and difficult to sway.
  7) A love of both the beautiful and the broken - in folklore the Fey love luxury and fine things. They also have a penchant for the grotesque.


  1. I was anxiously reading your criteria hoping against hope that I could claim such lineage. Alas, it 'twas not to be. This was said in jest, such is my mood today, but I really did like reading your post and your blog.

    1. The only reason why I believe in fairies is because I am a fairy and I have prof that I am a fairy

  2. Not me, except the parts about loving the beautiful and the grotesque, and having an inappropriate sense of humor. When everybody else is panicking, I'm the one cracking puns. Has gotten me in trouble more than once; now I've got ancestors to blame it on!

  3. I can answer yes to all of the above
    I got my ears pierced with an alloy based, and had to remove the alloy based earrings due rather quickly developing a dreadfully painful infection where I had the piercings, a fondness for the beautiful and the grotesque, the absolute hysterical humor in the most inappropriate times for others, I am unusually pale (fair) in my complexion, a known reputation for naturally being gifted in magicks, have had a love of green in my childhood, and was born in Ireland

  4. Whether posts like these are serious or not, I myself know I have Faery blood in lineage or however...

  5. I do apologize for my last post! I can see now that it is a serious site. I have been googling trying to find out more about Faery blood, despite how I feel it is easy to still have skeptisim in this day and age even though I have more than enough evidence! Thank you for the post, I agree with and associate with all your points accept Iron. I have other views on Iron and the Fair Folk, but other than Silver, Gold, Copper, I'm not fond of metal unless it is a glittering piece of jewelry!

  6. I saw and had physical contact with several faeries in a waking dream. Weeks later unfortunate and unjust things happened to me. My bloodline is 25 percent Gaelic (Cavanaugh?) from matrlimeal side. They are very real in my opinion and seem to be kind to those who let them into our dimension.

  7. This post would have helped me a while ago about certain origins of mine. I've been approached by a few family members and lovers (through rituals I had done) who are in the otherworld... this really does make it cement :/ i remember when I had my first child.... the nurses asked if I was feeling ok because I was a bit "too pale" for them... I told them I was perfectly fine... which I was. Anyway, I don't have a lot of friends around and I think that my sense of humour and the way I approach certain things is why.... I used to cry a lot as a child at family events and I was always the one to fall into any ponds or bodies of water too... You couldn't get me out of the water.

  8. Ty for your site. I am also a fairy. All my life I knew I was different from my family. I as well have all the above too. My ears are pointy, I laugh all the time. My beauty makes me look younger than my age. Plus I have the ability to hear animals talk, I hear other people thoughts,and I get premonitions a lot. I believe I am a fairy and I know one of my best friends is one too.

  9. Thank you for your thoughts.
    Being human/fey hybrid is difficult.
    I have all of the above. The iron issue is tricky. I was for many years quite anemic from female issues. Now that I don't have those, I thrive on donating blood. I do use iron skillets (I am human, after all) but to balance it out, I take a small amount of colloidal silver.
    I had fairy playmates as a small child... until one of those who does not like humans tried to trick me into harm. I broke my nose and permanently injured my neck. My friends left me after that to keep me safe.
    Not easy stuff, and kind of weird to navigate.

  10. While i don't have like an allergic reaction to iron i really dislike the material though i'm just fine with aluminium and love silver. My humor is according to some friends the worst kind of inappropriate and i'm freakishly pale, never tan but also never get sunburned. I usually get liked by people without trying or wanting them to and while mostly calm when i get any one emotion going it's absolute. Never tried the magic thing might have to now. But the rest fits me to a t.