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Friday, April 21, 2023

Current List of All My Published Work






“Healing Ritual for the Ocean Waters”, Circle Magazine issue 109 summer 2011

“A Gaelic View of Samhain”, Celtic Guide, vol. 1 issue 10 Oct. 2012

      “Celebrating Imbolc with the Family”, Air n-Aithesc, vol.1 issue 1, Feb. 2014

      “The Witch, the Bean Feasa, and the Fairy Doctor in Irish Culture”. Air n-Aithesc, vol. 1 issue 2, Aug. 2014

     “Finding the Morrigan”, Goddess Pages, issues 26 winter 2014/spring 2015

     “The Morrigan’s Call”, Pagan Dawn, no. 194 Imbolc/Spring Equinox 2015

     “A Family Bealtaine”; “The Good Neighbors”, Air n-Aithesc, vol. II, issue I, Feb. 2015

     “The Morrigan and Sovereignty” Goddess Alive e-zine Spring/Summer 2015

     “Finding Flidais, Irish Goddess of Cattle and Deer”, Oak Leaves, Summer 2015, Issue 69

     “The Role of the Morrigan in the Cath Maige Tuired: Incitement, Battle Magic, and Prophecy”, Air n-Aithesc, vol. II, issue II, August 2015

      “Three Paths, One Purpose”. Call of the Morrigan, Oct 2015

      “Samhain: Myth, Mystery, and Meaning”, Pagan Dawn, no. 197 Samhain/Yule 2015

“Crom Cruach”; “Reconstructing Iron Age Ritual Feasting Practices”, Air n-Aithesc, vol. III, issue 1, February 2016

“Experiential Spirituality” Mystic Living Today ezine, April 2016

“Fairy Witchcraft Master class”, Spirit & Destiny, July 2016

“Enchantment in the Modern World”, Mystic Living Today ezine July 2016

“The Cailleach”; “Two Views of the Leannan Si”, Air n-Aithesc, vol III, issue II, August 2016

“Medb”, Air n-Aithesc, vol IV, issue I, 2017

“Scottish Fairies and the Teind to Hell”, Pagan Dawn, Spring 2017

“Fairy Witchcraft: Old Ways in New Days” Watson’s Mind Body Spirit Magazine, Spring 2017

“Tailtiu”; “Samhain; Tradition and Transition”, Air nAithesc, vol IV issue II, 2017

“The Fire Festivals in History and Myth”; “Cermait”, Air nAithesc, vol V 2018

“Fairies, Word and Deed” Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine, Autumn 2018

“Seeking in the Mists: The Gods and Goddesses of Ireland” Pagan Dawn, Beltane 2019 no 211

“Fairy Queens and Witches” Pagan Dawn, Lammas 2019 no 212

“Queens of Fairy” The Magical Times, Oct 2019 – March 2020, issue 27

“Conceptualizing Fairyland” Pagan Dawn, Imbolc 2020 no 214

“The Divinity of the Tuatha De Danann”, Pagan Digest volume 01, May 2020

“The Power of Transformation”, Witch Way Magazine, Midsummer special issue 2020

“Fairies and the Stars”, Pagan Dawn, Lammas-Autumn Equinox 2020, no 216

“Sexuality and Gender Among the Good Neighbours: the Intersection and Inversion of Human Norms in Fairylore”, written for Revenant Journal 2020, cut, posted on; FIS newsletter 2021

“Lugh, God of Many Skills”, Pagan Dawn, Lammas Issue, 2021, no 220

“Seeking in the Mists: Gods and Goddesses of Ireland”, Pagan Dawn, Samhain issue, 2021, no 221

“Queens of Fairy” Watkins Mind Body Spirit Winter 2021

“Imagining Fairyland”, Pagan Dawn, Imbolc issue, 2022 no 222

“The White Elephant in the Room: Racism and Diversity in Fairy Belief”, Witches & Pagans Magazine, issue 39, 2022

“Fairy Queens and Witches”, Pagan Dawn, Beltane Issue, 2022, no 223

“Finding the Aos Sidhe”, ev0ke magazine, June 2022

“Marriage and the Otherworld”, FIS newsletter, 2023

“Fairies in a Modern World”, Pagan Dawn, forthcoming

“Aos Sidhe and Witches”, forthcoming

“Lugh: Lightning and Sunlight” Watkins Mind Body Spirit, forthcoming

“Freya: Love, War, and Magic”, Moon Books Magazine, forthcoming


Academic Papers

“Evolution of the Fairy Courts: from Scottish Ballads to Urban Fantasy” Ohio State University Fairies and the Fantastic Conference, 2019

“Álfar, Aelfe, and Elben: Elves in an historic and modern Heathen context” 3rd Annual Heathen Women United Conference, 2019

“Unseely to anti-hero: The Evolution of Dangerous Fairies in Folklore, Fiction, and Popular Belief” Hertfordshire University’s ‘Ill Met By Moonlight’ conference, 2021

"Fairies as 'Other': Gender and Sexuality Across Western European Fairy Belief" Folklore Open Voices: folklore for all, folklore of all conference, 2022



Short Stories

Chess: A Between the Worlds short story - 2017

Birth: A Between the Worlds short story - 2018

The Well at Carterhaugh: A queer retelling of Tam Lin – 2019

The King of Elfland: A queer retelling of Thomas the Rhymer – 2021

In the Fairy Wood: A queer retelling of Alice Brand – 2021

Synchronicity: A Between the Worlds short story – 2023




 “Shining God”, Idunna 76 Summer 2008

“Five” Circle Magazine issue 107 2010

“Consumed” Witches & Pagans issue 24, 2011

“Hammer” Circle Magazine issue 115 vol. 35 #4, 2011


“Essense” (under the pen name Seabhacgeal) The Pagan’s Muse, 2003

“Secrets”; “Alone”; “First”; “After the Drought”; “Forgiveness”, Voices of Survivors 2009

“Oíche Shamna”, Pagan Writers Presents Samhain 2011

“Snowflakes”; “Midwinter Solstice Dream”, Pagan Writers Presents Yule, 2011

“Macha’s Race”, The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadowed Gods 2016

“Immutable” My Say In The Matter, 2023



“Connecting Past and Future: Modern Reconstructionist Druidism”, Essays in Contemporary Paganism 2013

“Past & Present”, Paganism 101, 2014

“Macha: One face of the Morrigan”, By Blood, Bone, and Blade: a tribute to the Morrigan, 2014

“Ancient Goddesses in the Modern World”; “Frigga”, Naming the Goddess, 2014

“Macha, Horses, and Sovereignty”, Grey Mare on the Hill, 2015

“Ancient Roots, Modern Faith”,  Pagan Planet: Being, Believing & Belonging in the 21Century 2016

“Guidise ocus Comairc” An Leabhar Urnaí 2016

“Goddesses of Ireland: Beyond the Ninth Wave” Goddess in America 2016

“Pagan Parenting in the 21st Century”; “The Morrigans: Ancient Goddesses in Modern Times”; “Taking the Road Less Traveled By”, iPagan, 2017

 “The Goddess Hidden in Folklore”; Seven Ages of the Goddess, 2018

“Interview with Morgan Daimler” Real Witches of New England 2018

“King of the Sidhe of Ireland: The Dagda's Role in the Aislinge Oenguso”; “An Analysis of the Dagda's Role in the De Gabail in t-Sida”; “How the Dagda Got His Magic Staff: The Power and Symbolism of the Dagda’s Club”, Harp, Club and Cauldron: a curated anthology of scholarship, lore, practice and creative writings on the Dagda 2018

‘The Morrigan’; ‘Brighid’ Celtic Goddesses 2018

‘What is Modern Witchcraft?’ Pagan Portals What is Modern Witchcraft anthology 2019

“Finnbheara”; “Nuada” Naming the God 2022

“Dawn” Kindred Kingdoms 2022

“The Herb in the Wood” My Say In The Matter, 2023

“Irish-American Folk Magic” North American Folk Magic 2023

“The Irish Sidhe Through A Folkloresque Lens: Co-opting and Redefining Irish Folklore for a Popculture Audience”, Fairies: a Companion, forthcoming



Faery by John Kruse 2020

Samhain by Luke Eastwood 2021

Parallels Between Romanian and Irish Fairy Lore and Practice by Daniela Simina 2023

Bones Fall In a Spiral by Mortellus 2023

Fairy Herbs for Fairy Magic by Daniela Simina, 2024


Old/Middle Irish Translations

The Treasure of the Tuatha De Danann: a dual language pocket book, 2015

Tales of the Tuatha Dé Danann: a dual language pocket book, 2016

Myth and Magic of Pagan Ireland: a dual language pocket book, 2019

Cath Maige Tuired 2020

Settling of the Manor of Tara 2021

Through the Mist a dual language mythology book 2021

Echtra Laegaire meic Crimthain: the Adventures of Laegaire son of Crimthan 2022

Echtra Nera 2023


Books, Non-fiction

Selected Charms from the Carmina Gadelica, 2011

Selected Prayers from Volume 1 of the Carmina Gadelica, 2011

By Land, Sea, and Sky, 2011

A Child’s Eye View of the Fairy Faith, 2012 (out of print)

Where the Hawthorn Grows 2013

Pagan Portals: Fairy Witchcraft, 2014

Pagan Portals: the Morrigan, 2014

Pagan Portals: Irish Paganism; reconstructing Irish Polytheism, 2015

Pagan Portals: Brigid, 2016

Fairycraft 2016

Pagan Portals: Gods and Goddesses of Ireland 2016

Fairies: A Guidebook to the Celtic Fair Folk; 2017

Pagan Portals: Odin, 2018

Travelling the Fairy Path 2018

Pagan Portals: the Dagda 2018

Pagan Portals Manannán mac Lir 2019

Pagan Portals Fairy Queens 2019

A New Fairies Dictionary 2020

Pagan Portals Thor 2020

Pagan Portals Raven Goddess 2020

Pagan Portals Living Fairy 2020

Pagan Portals Lugh 2021

Pantheons the Norse 2022

Pagan Portals Aos Sidhe 2022

Pagan Portals 21st Century Fairy 2023

Pagan Portals Freya 2023

Fairy: the Otherworld by Many Names 2024

Celtic Fairies in North America, forthcoming

Paid with a Kiss: Sex and love in Fairy Belief, forthcoming


Books, Fiction

Shadow, Light, and Spirit, 2012 (poetry)

Murder Between the Worlds: a Between the Worlds novel, 2014

Lost in Mist and Shadow; a Between the Worlds novel, 2014

Into the Twilight; a Between the Worlds novel 2015

Heart of Thorns; a Between the Worlds novel 2016

Fairy Gifts: a Between the Worlds anthology; 2016

Dark of Winter: a Between the Worlds novel 2017

Desire and Ashes a Between the Worlds novel 2018

Wandering: a Between the Worlds Anthology 2020

Convergence a Between the Worlds Novel 2020

Emergence: A Between the Worlds prequel 2022

Into Shadow: The Tallan Chronicles 2023

Night and Day, A Between the Worlds novella, 2023

Chasing Sunset: A Between the Worlds novel, forthcoming

Shadowed Flame, the Tallan Chronicles, forthcoming







Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ask Me Anything - fiction

 Its been a while since I did an Ask Me Anything style blog and also a while since I wrote about my fiction so I thought that would be fun to do today. I've collected some questions from social media and am answering them here for everyone. Feel free to add additional questions in the comments if you'd like. 

Nicole: What’s your favorite fictional book that you have written?

My answer: That's actually a tough question because my fiction is my fun writing so I tend to be really fond of it. If I had to pick only one though I'd probably say Convergence (book 9 in Between the Worlds) because it let me explore some really interesting things, like writing a story where there isn't a 'villIain' per se even though there are antagonists and a world saving crisis.  

Alexandra: Who is your favorite character to write dialogue for, from your new high fantasy series, and why?

My answer: My favourite character to write dialogue for in Into Shadow is definitely Calla. She's snarky and smart and insightful and that's a fun combination when it comes to writing conversations between characters. 

Alexandra: When are we getting more Ciaran short stories?

My answer: Ciaran is such a fan favourite! He is also a really interesting character for me to write because he's much more enigmatic than most of the others in Between the Worlds. My current plan is to come out with either a book or anthology of stories from when Allie first came to Ashwood, to fill in a lot of her backstory with her human family, and Ciaran will feature heavily in that because he was Allie's first friend there and remained her friend across the years. 
I'm also toying with the idea of another wider anthology in the series which could include a variety of character's stories, kind of like in Wandering. 

Ben: What is your relationship to the characters you love? What about the ones you hate? What is your process in creating these characters?

My answer: To be honest I don't feel like a create them so much as that I get to know them as I'm writing. I'll have an idea for a story and as I start the characters unfold with the idea, so that writing them feels less like my inventing these people and more like me meeting someone new. And I think the more you write a character the more you get to know them, so characters I've written multiple books about I feel very attached to. There are definitely some that I love and some that I like a lot less but I think they are all interesting and nuanced in their own ways and I always try to show that even in unlikeable characters. To me a character doesn't feel real unless they seem to have personality and motivations to do what they do, and I like exploring that even with the antagonists. 

TeididhHello. My take on your fiction: I often wonder if you feel that you walk a tightrope of sorts, when it comes to weaving your storey around what I respectfully assume are some very private, secretive experiences and knowledge of the Otherworld. Perhaps not unusual for authors to send-a-message within their work, but what I consider to be your exquisite skill set in such matters tempts me to wonder how you maneuver within these parameters, given my assumption that you potentially deal with consequences that most authors need not worry about.

My answer: It can be a balancing act for sure. I'm writing fiction which means there are things that have to be certain ways or happen certain ways for the plot, but I'm also blending in folklore which I have a lot of respect for; I don't want to contribute to misunderstandings about these beings. And there are certain things that I can't or won't write about or which I feel I'm prohibited form discussing.
I will say that the elves in Between the Worlds do incorporate a lot of my own gnosis around these beings and probably reflect a fairly accurate picture of how I understand them and their culture (at least one group of elves anyway). So you could certainly read the books and winnow out ideas and concepts I may not have explicitly discussed elsewhere about my thoughts on elven culture, personalities, attitudes, etc.,

Cat: I remember one if the most interesting things I read of an author in regard to his writing was Bernhard Stäber about a torture scene he had to write. It was a fascinating insight into where writing stories might lead you. My question then would be, have you ever found yourself in this situation - writing about something you would rather not, taking a character you are fond of down a dark road neither of you wanted to take?

My answer: I definitely have yes. There's a rather infamous character death in Murder Between the Worlds that I didn't plan to write or want to write, but I hit a point in the story where I just knew that was the logical progression as different factors were coming together. I realize I'm the one writing the story and I'm the one who has control over what happens but I feel like to stay true to the plot I need to follow through with what the characters would do in situations, even if what they'd do is hard to write, because it feels more real that way. 

Dave: What way to buy your fiction maximizes your royalties and profits from the sale? How frequently does that change?

My answer: This really just depends on whether its my trad published work, like my nonfiction or Into Shadow, or if its my self published material, like Between the Worlds. For trad published it doesn't matter as much where its being bought as long as its bought new, because that's all royalties paid through my publisher. For my self published books however - unfortunately - amazon is the best option for me because I publish through KDP. I do also have a selection of books on but a few years ago they changed their process for uploading files and that's caused me issues in getting new material up on that site. For my self published material physical copies are also a better option, for me, than ebooks but honestly I'm just happy when people get the books in any form and enjoy them.