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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Modern Omens

  This is one of those blogs that's going to seem completely obvious to some of you, but I have found that for many pagans and polytheists we get so caught up in our idea of our spirituality being a certain way - read: primitive - that we can be a bit blind to some things. Like the way that modern life and technology intersect with ancient Gods and spirits, for example. Recently a friend of mine had posted a blog "All the Small Things" where he mentions what he calls Pandora-jacking, or a deity using the Pandora music system to convey messages. This got me thinking of how we often focus so much on ideas of spirit communication that are based on older methods - dreams, oracles, card decks, natural omens - that we may ignore other methods just because we are biased against anything more high tech. So I thought I'd compile a list of things that are modern means of communicating with deities and spirits that I use or am familiar with that other people might consider or find useful:

  1. Music - Daniel mentions 'Pandora jacking' in his blog but I've seen this happen through multiple means, including the radio and my MP3 player. The idea is that the songs and song lyrics which play seemingly at random actually provide insight or messages. For example, when I am asking Macha for an omen and Sara Bareilles's song Brave comes on simultaneously (this has happened so often I actually think of it as Macha's song now). 
  2. The Television as Oracle - basically the same idea as music except with the television. 
  3. Omens and portents, oh my - most pagans will tell you to keep your eye out for natural omens like animals or weather phenomena, but I have found that omens can come in a variety of forms, some of them quite unexpected. I'll never forget driving on the highway one day, worrying about how to handle a problem relating to a Norse spirituality issue, when a truck passed me with the words written large on the side 'Need a hand? Call Odin today!' (it was a moving service named Odin, I kid you not). 
  4. Synchronicity - This is one of my personal big ones and I especially pay attention to it on social media. Repeated messages with the same theme, recurrences of the same animal, deity, or concepts, or seeing a message relating to something I had just been talking or thinking about can all be significant. 
  5. Numbers - numerology isn't my thing, but I have many friends who swear by the significance of seeing the same numbers repeated. For instance if its always a certain pattern of numbers when you look at the clock. 
  6. High tech bibliomancy - with this method instead of flipping to a random page in a book for insight you would do the same thing on a kindle or other e-reader. It works the same way, but using modern technology. 
  7. Tech glitches that aren't - when our technology, be it phone, pc, or anything else seems to malfunction but in such a way that it provides a repeated message. For example a phone ringtone resetting itself to something that has a specific meaning to you
Do any of you have other examples of modern omens?


  1. I was driving home with the radio on in the car one day and an old song I had not heard in years played. It was a song that was a favorite of an old dear friend , one she had told me why it had special meaning for her. It suddenly made me very sad , and I was not sure why I cried all the rest of the way home. Later that day my old friend's daughter reached me to let me know that her Mom, my friend, had died, and just about the time that song played on my car radio that day. I am convinced it was a way my friend had been able to contact me to say goodbye. The song was Forever Young. We had talked about how the song meant not only that the kids would be forever young in our hearts but how their memories of us would keep us forever young and alive in their hearts. ------niniann

  2. I'm friends with two prepubescent girls whom the Morrígan has a strong interest in. One day while I was out food shopping, my grocery store was selling collectible Lego minifigures. For the uninitiated, these are series of unusual Lego people, usually about 10-15. They are sold individually in sealed foil packets, so that you don't know which one you purchased until you get home. I picked up two packets without trying to feel which ones they were, and gave them to my wee friends as a gift.

    And wouldn't you know that they got the same minifigure? It was a figure that resembled Athena, complete with helmet, shield, and spear. Lego had named her, "Battle Goddess".

    I've since referred to this incident as "divination by collectible minifigure".

    1. True story - I bought one of those myself yesterday and got the "frightening knight". I won't bore you with why, but there was definitely some synchronicity with this ;)

    2. C'mon... bore me with why!

      My wife and I just spent 25 minutes at a Five Below searching through the foil packets for Series #15. My wife has a knack for picking out the Greek mythology minifigures... she got "Flying Warrior", who almost has a Mercury thing going on. We were also searching for Pan... um... "Faun". I snagged totally-not-Wednesday-Adams-dressed-as-Sacagawea and "Diamond Thief" for the wee little battle ravens to fight over ;-)

  3. I have had many incidents of "timing" that have protected me to the point I watch for them! Numerous times I have been in a hurry, determined to go here or there, only to be disrupted with someone calling before I leave, out of the blue, to see if I am ok. Or a wind whipping papers from my hands, to be chased through a parking lot. Then when I am driving to the destination, I literally see a terrible accident right in front of me, which had I been a minute or two earlier, would have been me! Another, I missed a power shortage which could have left me stranded in an elevator for hours had I been moments earlier. So I live watching for such omens and do not get stressed with them but look upon them as spirits of my ancestors watching over me, keeping me safe. With so much random violence these days, I am especially thankful to know I have watchers from beyond the veil and work to live and think and do to be worthy of such protection. And I no longer ever get stressed due to timetables. I work to maintain them but if there is an interruption, no sweat, it was not meant to go that way and I am safer today, or experienced an event, or met someone, or accomplished something that was in a greater plan than mine that day.