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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Black Eyed Children

One of several topics that I couldn't fit into my new fairies dictionary was the Black Eyed Children so I thought I'd write about them here today. They present a fascinating piece of more modern folklore, somewhere between urban legend and ghost story yet with sightings across America and Britain. For myself I tend to believe they are either a kind of fairy or a form put on by fairies. 
Black Eyed Children - these beings appear to be children between the ages of roughly 6 and 16, clad in white, either missing their eyes or with black eyes. They are extremely pale and wear clothing described as out-of-date or unusual for children that age.
They generally approach a person who is alone, often in a vehicle or house, claiming to be lost and needing help but then disappear; witnesses report an air of malevolence around them.  They may appear alone or in pairs and usually avoid eye contact at first to hide their black eyes, only making eye contact right before disappearing. In several accounts they knocked on a window or door and requested entry claiming they couldn't come in until the person allowed them too. Some people who have encountered the Children also talk about feeling their willpower being subverted and having a desire to do something they know they shouldn't, such as open a locked door despite a feeling of dread or danger.
The first public account of an encounter with Black Eyed Children appeared in 1996 written by Brian Bethel a journalist in Texas who claimed to have had two of the Children ask to get into his car in a deserted parking lot. Despite the story later being taken as an urban legend Bethel continues to insist the encounter was real and he related it as it happened. Other stories of Black Eyed Children have been reported across the United States and Britain. Stories of these experiences are also similar to some older stories of ghosts and a type of fairy called 'White Ladies' (although there are notable difference with the White Ladies, who are adults and don't seek entry into homes).
Theories about the Black Eyed Children suggest they may be everything from ghosts to aliens to vampires or even demons. My own theory is that at least some of them are fairies, probably malevolent in nature. I think this because they mostly seem human but appear in slightly outdated or odd clothes - something often claimed of fairies -, they seem able to interact with the physical world easily but disappear at will, and they seem able to influence humans' emotions and willpower; all of these speak more to me of fairies than ghosts, vampires, or aliens. No one knows for certain what they are however so you are welcome to your own theories here. 

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