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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2022 Recap

 This year has been a challenging one for me but I kept moving forward, and I wanted to offer a quick recap here for everyone.

I had four articles published in magazines this year: “Imagining Fairyland”, Pagan Dawn, Imbolc issue, 2022 no 222 “The White Elephant in the Room: Racism and Diversity in Fairy Belief”, Witches & Pagans Magazine, issue 39, 2022 “Fairy Queens and Witches”, Pagan Dawn, Beltane Issue, 2022, no 223 “Finding the Aos Sidhe”, ev0ke magazine, June 2022
I presented "Fairies as 'Other': Gender and Sexuality Across Western European Fairy Belief" for the Folklore Open Voices: folklore for all, folklore of all conference and gave a lecture on the Aos Sidhe for the Folklore Library's conference. I was also very excited to present at Octocon in Dublin, to be on several panels, and to do a short reading of my forthcoming novel Into Shadow.
I wrote two short stories for anthologies, 'Dawn' which was published in 'Kindred Kingdoms' and 'The Herb in The Wood' which will be in the forthcoming 'My Say in the Matter', I also had a poem accepted for the latter book. I had two non-fiction pieces published in the Naming the God anthology, one on Finnvarra and one on Nuada.
I wrote the forwards for two forthcoming books, 'Bones Fall in a Spiral' by Mortellus, and 'Parallels Between Romanian and Irish Fairylore and Practice' by Daniela Simina. Both will be out next year.
I had two non-fiction books published, 'Pantheons the Norse' and 'Pagan Portals Aos Sidhe', as well as self publishing the prequel in my urban fantasy series 'Emergence'. In addition I wrote two books which will be out next year, 'Pagan Portals 21st Century Fairy' and 'Pagan Portals Freya'.
Beyond that I taught a couple classes for the Irish Pagan School and on my own offered Elves After Dark part 2 and From Leannán sidhe to Fetch. I was also the guest on various podcasts and restarted my Youtube channel which I hadn't had time to focus on much. And of course I've been continuing my translation work on Patreon, offering my patrons new English translations of Irish myths as I work on them as well as a final completed copy when its done.
That's about it for me this year. I'm hoping that 2023 is on an easier setting, to borrow a gaming term, and allows me to focus more on some of the projects I most want to get done, but we shall see.

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