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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Modern Prayers in Old Irish

This is something I've been working on to submit for a anthology* which is looking for modern Celtic Reconstructionist prayers. I thought it would be interesting to offer basic prayers in Old Irish to different Gods.
It is still a work in progress, but this is what I have so far:

Guide Nuada 
Nuada Argetlam
Nuada fo dí Ríg
Nuada narsheng
Guidim do a bhennach
Guidim do a eolas
Guidim do a anacht
Do chairdes form
D’ecne lemm
Do sciath úasum
Dobiur sin duit
Bronntas do bronntas
Nuada Ríg mórda

Prayer to Nuada
Nuada Silver Arm
Nuada Twice King
Nuada Noble-fair
I pray for your blessing
I pray for your guidance
I pray for your protection
Your friendship on me
Your wisdom with me
Your shield over me
I give this to you
A gift for a gift
Nuada mighty king

Guide Macha ar Nert 
I pray to you,
Oh Macha,
Sovereign Lady,
Queen by her
own hand,
Deadly crow
of many battles,
May I be fierce
May I be strong
May I be unyielding
In my own strife

Prayer to Macha for Strength
Guidimm cuccut,
a Mhacha,
Rígan tree
feisin laim,
Fionóg bhadbda
de ilchathaigecht
Beinn adlond
Beinn nert
Beinn taetach
I mu gliada céin

* information on the anthology can be found here, deadline is January 2016


  1. Greetings from Kentucky!

    I love your blog and these prayers, and I'm glad to have writers such as yourself publishing books about Irish Polytheism for some of us folk. I'm a 20 year old nothing who is going to school for anthropology with a focus on Ireland, and your great research and accessible writing style has given me great pointers, both spiritually and academically.

    Not all of us are able to read academic papers and archaeological studies as we don't know enough of the terminology to be able to follow it so it's a nice resource to have. Plus, some find it disheartening that you can find countless books on Ásatrú and Wicca with decent sources relevant to them, yet very few well researched books on Irish Paganism. It makes the faith seem inaccessible and daunting for many people.

    It makes me glad to know that this faith is growing and that more resources are becoming available for the average joe. Great work, and I look forward to more in the future!


  2. Thank you so much for these translations. The most I know of the lost language of my ancestors is a lilt and slight accent of the elders of my youth, long gone now. I especially appreciate prayers and invocations to specific Celtic dieties. In the US, the state and federal prisoners have an especially difficult time obtaining pagan material (the christians and muslims can get whatever in great abundance) and I share printouts with as many as I am able to afford to print and send. With plenty of time to think and meditate, many are turning to the faith of their ancestors, but have next to nothing from which to learn. It is wonderful to have authentic well researched and translated examples of prayers for them. Many have never had any religion, and never heard nor seen a real Celtic pagan prayer. Unfortunately, very few pagans are willing or able to help incarcerated kinfolk who most need our encouragement and assistance. These will go out immediately! May Morrigan protect you and drop black feather charms upon your path!