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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Modern Experiences with the OtherCrowd

A couple years ago I wrote a blog called "Experiencing the OtherCrowd" which aimed to share some of my personal experiences with Themselves, the idea being that often people of a more Reconstructionist bent don't talk much about those sorts of things. I had also wanted to show some of my own interactions to give people an idea of what modern fairy experiences could be like since much of the time what gets put out there for mass consumption is of the decidedly twee variety. At the time I offered five particular experiences that I tended to mention in classes I was teaching because they were safe to share - not in the sense of 'Safe For Work'* but rather in the sense of things that had happened that I could talk about with others without fear of offending the OtherCrowd or getting myself in trouble with them, as there is a long standing prohibition about talking too much about them or about interactions with them.

I'd like to update and expand on that previous list with a further 5 safe-to-share experiences. Yes, these did all really happen, and in some cases other people witnessed them and can verify. Yes, these did happen in America. Yes, I am sure these involved beings I would call 'Good Neighbors'. For those who regularly read my writing or attend workshops I teach some of these may not be new. As with the first blog I am writing this to show people that interactions with the Fair Folk do still happen, and that those interactions are not always what some views of the 'fairies' may lead us anticipate.

5) I had been given a small bracelet as a gift by a friend. I took it off one night and when I went to put it back on it was gone. The lesser Fey are fond of taking my jewelry, although so far they've always given it back, eventually, so I was annoyed but not too worried about it. Several months went by and the bracelet still hadn't reappeared; at this point my family was getting ready to move to another town and I was getting worried. I tried everything I could think of, but no bracelet. finally I decided that maybe it wasn't Themselves who took it after all, but I'd just lost it. We moved to the new house and a few days after moving in I walked into the bathroom and the bracelet was lying in the middle of the floor.

small pool at Devil's Hopyard state park (the kind without fairies in it)

4) About 15 years ago I was hiking in a local state park known by some to have a strong presence of the Good People to it. In this same place I'd been pixy-led while I was with a friend, and I know of at least one other person who had also been pixy-led there. This particular day I decided to go off trail at the bottom of the waterfall and hike around the rocky area near the water's edge. I came around a place where the rockface had jutted out and into a small secluded area with a little pool. I stopped; in the pool was a pale, dark haired woman (not human).  She was about waist deep in the water and had been running her fingers through her hair when I walked around the cliff. There was a strong feeling of menace in the air that made my hair stand on end. She looked at me. I looked at her. She told me to get out. I backed up and left the way I'd come as fast as I could.

3) There's twice at least that I believe the Good People have saved my home or my life one way or another. The first time I was in my living room, getting ready to go run some errands when I caught sight of something moving on the wall behind the television, by the outlet where the electronics are plugged in. I walked part way across the room, but there wasn't anything there. I stood for a minute or so, nothing happened, so I went and sat back down. Glancing over the same thing happened again, but I ignored it. The third time it was the more distinctive form of a small person moving back and forth in front of the outlet, so I got up again and walked over this time right up to the outlet. The figure disappeared but a few seconds later the largest cord plugged into the outlet sparked and then started burning. Because I was standing right next to it I had time to pull it out of the wall before anything else caught fire, and the only damage was the cord itself, melted and burned (also probably added some white to my hair).

2) I have had many strange experiences with the OtherCrowd relating to butterflies and moths, also I mentioned the saving my life thing? Several years ago just before going to bed I started to have a severe allergic reaction to something (for which I now have an epipen by the way). I was going into anaphylactic shock, which as a former EMT I recognized, but at the time I was scared and made the very irrational decision not to disturb my husband. I went to bed, with my tongue swelling and each breath a struggle. Suddenly my husband jumped up yelling and turned on the light. He swore that a huge moth had just flown, forcefully, into his face, although he could find no evidence of any moth anywhere. A sense of calm came over me and I told him to call 911 and explained that I needed help. And obviously I lived, although I'll admit things got a bit dicey on the ambulance ride.

1) We have a fairy thorn in my yard - which is its own story, actually. Anyway, one day while doing yard work my husband damaged the tree accidentally. He came in and told me and I was very upset (read; freaked out) and told him to go make an offering right away. I went out myself and offered honey and milk, and asked him if he had had done but he was still in the middle of mowing the lawn. I emphasized he needed to do it as soon as possible. So a week or so goes by and its around 7 one morning. I'm up with my son who was an infant at the time while everyone else is still sleeping when we hear the most Gods-awful loud crashing noise. I rush to the window with the baby and looking down at the driveway see that a roughly 20 foot long branch from an oak tree has impaled my husband's car. I go wake him up, and the first thing I say is something like "Did you make that offering to the fairies like I told you to?" and he says "No I thought you'd done it for me.". So I say, "Oh no. You should have done your own. You'd better go see what's happened to your car."
It was totaled by the way.

*for those unfamiliar with the concept of Not Safe for Work, its internet slang indicating content that may be objectionable in the workplace, for example containing nudity, violence, or swearing. It's sometimes used as a shorthand to indicate content that may not be suitable for all audiences or contexts.


  1. I too have seen strange (and sometimes scary) things. Things I guess some would call "the little people" and now into my 30's I look back and are starting to take this a lot more seriously....thanks for sharing experiances.

  2. I once played my celtic harp under a huge oak tree on a friend's farm. The next day I couldn't find my tuning key and asked my friend to look for it....he didn't find it. 9 weeks later he called saying "guess what I just found in a place I go by every day...your tuning key. It seems that the spirits of the tree and others were finished using it and returned it for you"